Display Calibration with PICO

The App has been designed considering a Default calibration of several iPads (Optom Vis Sci, 2016). However, you can go for a higher precision of your measurements with a personalized calibration. We offer three possible options to select according to your needs and resources.

Designed to be used on any iPad

It is required to use any iPad Air (2013, IOS 12.4) or later models with screen size equal or higher than 9.7" (iPad mini not recommended). We have designed our apps considering the variability of screen brightness properties of several iPad generations in such a way you can use it in any iPad without a previous calibration. Anyway, if you desire to increase the reliability of your measurements, specially on Contrast Sensitivity, please read carefully this section.

Option 1: Use DEFAULT calibration

Calibration is related to screen luminance properties, not stimulus size which is automatically adjusted by the App. In Visual Acuity measurements,  calibration does not have a relevant impact on the results but could have a major impact in Contrast Sensitivity measurements.

We recommend using the App at 70% of brightness (85 cd/m2). Furthermore, the default settings of gamma correction are, R: 2.17 G: 2.15 B: 2.03. You don't have to change these values except you decide to opt for the Options 2 or 3 detailed below. 

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Option 2: Calibrate with PICO

We have developed the first and the only procedure that allows you to calibrate the brightness and the gamma function of your iPad with a low-cost device in 3 minutes. This is achieved with three resources: 

1.- A PICO device

Originally designed for color measurement, it can be also used to measure the iPad luminance with our exclusive PicoDisplay App. Pico device is used but not sold by us, we are not responsible for the performance or distribution of the device.

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2.- PicoDisplay App

This App gives you the brightness you have to select in our apps to achieve a particular value of Luminance (cd/m2) in the background. It also allows you to export a .csv calibration file for computing the gamma correction. Although PICO is not developed or sold by us, the PicoDisplay is a test-eye.com creation. 

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3.- Gamma Calculator

We can compute for free the RGB gammas of your iPad/iPhone if you supply us the Calibration File. Contact the developer by LinkedIn for further instructions.


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Option 3: Calibrate with OTHER colorimeter

The difference with the previous Option is that you are going to use your personal colorimeter instead of the PICO device and the PicoDisplay App for creating the .csv file.

Disadvantages versus PICO:

  • Colorimeters that offer this option are more expensive than the PICO device. For instance, SpyderXElite doubles the cost of PICO.
  • The measurement is considerably slower because it should be done manually with the CalibratorVS app.
  • Once you have your .csv file you can contact us to compute the RGB gammas. 

Advantages versus PICO:

  • SpyderXElite gives you a wide range of Luminance measurements. PICO is limited to a background brightness between 80cd/m2 and 300 cd/m2
  • SpyderXElite gives you a more precise estimation of the gamma function correction, especially for low background luminances below or equal to 85 cd/m2

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